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Piano Restoration & Reconditioning, Uprights, Grands, Traditional or Modern Finish.
Piano Restoration and Reconditioning Prices, Uprights and Grands.
Piano polishing & Refinishing, Modern Spray, Traditional, High Gloss Mirror Finish.
Piano Restoration Portfolio. Examples of our Polishing work Grand and Upright Pianos
Maintaining and Caring for your pianos
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Piano Restoration Contact Details
Piano Restoration uk, our location
Piano Restoration Portfolio of Rosewood Chappell Baby Grand Piano
Restoration Portfolio of Challen 6ft Grand Piano
Piano Resource Links Page, Sales, Rentals, new, used, acoustic, polishers, movers
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Repolished Rogers piano English fiddleback mahogany traditional overstrung used upright restored and re-polished
Piano Reconditioning Portfolio Emil Pauer Butterfly style grand piano with basic reconditioning
Restoration Portfolio of Bluthner Grand Piano
Restoration Portfolio of Rosewood Bechstein B Grand Piano
Piano reconditioning Portfolio Rogers grand piano repolished in a Grainfilled satin finish
Rogers Baby grand piano restored and re-polished in a White Satin cabinet
Piano Polishing Portfolio Danemann 9ft grand piano
Piano Polishing Portfolio Gebauhr grand piano re-polished in a High Gloss Walnut finish
Chappell English mahogany traditional overstrung used upright reconditioned and re-polished