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Chappell Upright Pianos


Chappell English traditional upright piano reconditioned & re-polished in a Mahogany satin cabinet

Chappell Mahogany piano after being reconditioned & re-polished.

Chappell reconditioned and repolished upright piano.

Below are photo's of the Chappell upright piano before, during and after the work has been carried out.

Chappell upright piano.Chappell Piano Action.

Chappell piano.Chappell piano.

Chappell piano.Chappell reconditioned upright piano.

Chappell piano.Chappell upright complete after reconditioning.

Chappell reconditioned.




Chappell Reconditioned Piano For all enquiries contact Paul on
Email: paul@paregal.uk
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Chappell Reconditioned Piano