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Selection of Photos Showing the different stages.

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Bluthner Grand Piano Reconditioning


Scroll down for Photos of this piano during reconditioning.

Bluthner grand piano Reconditioned and Repolished in a Black Satin Finish.

Bluthner Grand Piano repolished Black satin.

Bluthner Grand before, during & after being repolished and reconditioned.

Bluthner grand before being repolished black satin.

bluthner frame.Bass strings being fitted.

Bluthner being restrung.Bluthner Decal.

Treble section.Strings complete.

Bluthner Grand action Recovered Hammers.


New Leathers fitted.

New leathers.New damper felts fitted and repolished.


Bluthner body repolished in a Black satin finish. Bluthner piano.

Bluthner Grand Piano being assembled.Flat Black grainfilled satin finish.

Bluthner grand piano.Reconditioned Bluthner grand piano.

Bluthner Grand Piano Reconditioned and Repolished in a Black Satin Grainfilled finish.



Bluthner Reconditioning For all enquiries contact Paul on
Email: paul@paregal.uk
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Bluthner Reconditioned