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Specialists in Restored Upright and Grand Pianos.

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Welcome to Our Piano Restoration Website

We specialize in Piano Restoration & Reconditioning of Secondhand Used Pianos, Uprights, Grands, Traditional or Modern.

Established in Restoration & Re-polishing of all types of Pianos for Piano dealers (local & overseas), with a combined experience of over 4 decades. Our in depth knowledge of both the Instruments & the Woods used places us in a particularly unique position within the Piano & Polishing trade. A position we strive to maintain with both integrity & craftsmanship.

We specialize in commissioned piano Restoration, Reconditioning & Polishing work, several examples are contained within our website (Piano Restoration Portfolio) and pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce. From Modern Spray Polishing in either satin or high gloss finishes to full Piano Restorations.

When it comes to Restoration or Reconditioning, all work is carried out in-situ on our own premises. Work such as Re-polishing, Frames refinished, Soundboard and Bridge Repairs, New Strings, Tuning Pins, any Action or Damper Repairs, Tuning & Regulating are all undertaken at our workshop & polishing shop. This makes it possible for ourselves and the customer to monitor the progress of all work undertaken, this also helps keep all costs to a minimum.

Click on one of the links below for more information and photos of the Piano Restoration work we do.

Piano Restoration & Reconditioning Prices
Grainfilled Piano Polishing.

Guide Prices / Costs involved in the Restoration & Reconditioning of Upright and Grand Pianos.
Piano Polishing & Refinishing
Contemporary Piano high gloss mirror finish polishing.

Modern Refinishing & Polishing of Pianos, Uprights or Grands With Various finishes and Colours available.
Piano Restoration & Reconditioning Portfolio
Polishing & Restoration Portfolio.

Information & Photo's of previous Restoration / Reconditioning work, Grand & Upright Pianos.



Chappell Baby Grand Piano Repolished in a Grainfilled Satin Finish.

Chappell baby grand repolished in a rosewood satin cabinet.

Challen 6ft Grand Piano Refinished in AC High Gloss Mirror Finish.

Challen 6ft grand piano repolished in a Black high gloss cabinet.


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Email: paul@paregal.uk

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